All schools have 5 star athletes

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We want your athletes seen

The staff at MCP have one goal in get your student athletes seen. Our team is made up of coaches, Dads, and athletes that know how hard it is to make it to the next level. Each year over 3 million seniors graduate high school. Many schools cannot afford the expensive platforms to promote their student athletes. We designed our platform from the coaches perspective as well as the parents. Coaches no longer have to track results on excel spreadsheets, and students no longer have to ask the results of their performance. With one click, upload your results to all the social feeds and be seen by all!

Do you know how many 5 star recruits there are each year? 32

Do you know how many 4 star recruits there are each year? 250-300

Do you know how many colleges there are looking the right student athlete? Over 30,000

Do the math. It’s time to get seen!

The best application for athletes to get seen