Features and benefits

Built for High Schools and Colleges

Tracking Performance

Most High Schools and Colleges perform internal testing and record their results on paper. With the MCP platform these results can all be tracked and measured for overall improvement year after year. We recommend testing twice a year beginning the freshman year.

Multiple Sports

The MCP platform allow schools to track and measure multiple sports. Any sport with a time, score, and or distance can be used with the MCP platform. Simply pick your activities (running, jumping, etc.), upload to your event, and begin scoring.

Supporting the Community

MCP encourages schools to share your program results with the local community. The App is a great way to get local businesses involved with your program. Hosting Combines for charity events are always a good way to get the community involved.

Earn Funds for your program

Most schools distribute coupon booklets to raise dollars for their program. The MCP platform is designed to incorporate advertising for local and national companies. Depending on your program, the platform can raise over $20,000 per year just by showcasing your student athletes. Learn More!

Upload to Social Media

Students can now be seen from all over the country with the click of a button. Once a combine is scored, students can upload their scores and profile to their social media outlets. Additionally, coaches and recruiters can receive push notification of each athlete in the system by clicking the "follow me" button.

Track Your history

How committed are you? The MCP platform allows athletes and coaches to view an athletes history. Are we getting faster year over year? Are we getting stronger year over year? Are we getting taller and bigger? In many cases, coaches are looking for an ATHLETE regardless of your sport.

Be seen by all

The one thing we know at MCP is......It takes a village to get your student athlete to the next level. The next thing we know is.....there's a college or program for YOU. Finding the right one or the one in need of your skill set is the key.

Peer Review

How many times have we heard, "I'm faster than you", " I'm can jump higher than you"? The MCP platform allows athletes to know where they stand among their peers. Now student athletes can say, "I'm the fastest runner on my team".

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