Getting Started

Follow these Steps

Sign up for a MCP Account

Any coach or trainer can open an account. Simple click on "Join The Team" on the upper right hand corner of any page of this website.

Input your School's Information

Each school or trainer can only have one account. Please input your general information, upload your school or company logo, and start planning for the next combine. We suggest for schools to have one admin account to be used for multiple combines (football, volleyball, baseball).

Schedule a Combine

Scheduling a combine is easy. Input the day before as the start date, and the day after as the end date to display your event. When scheduling your event, you will be asked to choose which activities (running, jumping, etc) to incorporate into your event. Advertisements and coupons can be added when scheduling a combine

Upload Athlete Data

Athletes can be loaded manually one at a time, through our mass upload function, or by sending a link directly to your athletes. To add manually, use the search function, find your athlete, and place them into the event. Make sure your student athlete downloads the free app before you activate any combine.

Input Results

Results can be entered real time (or when time permits) directly into a lap top or iPad (any device with wifi). Only coaches and trainers can input results into athlete profiles. Times are designated as "hand timed" or "laser timed". Athletes cannot alter any times or results.

Analyze Data and use again

The beauty of the MCP platform is that data is being compiled for your organization for each combine. Use the platform as many times as you need each year. Print out data sheets for each of your athletes as a year end score card.

Example Screen Shots below

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